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Associated Press. "CIA Agents Testify at Lockerbie." 8 Jun. 2000. []

On 8 June 2000, two CIA "agents" testified in the "trial [at Camp Zeist, Netherlands] against two suspected Libyan intelligence agents accused of planting the bomb that killed 270 people aboard Pan Am flight 103 and on the ground in Lockerbie," Scotland. They "described bomb-making paraphanalia seized in West Africa that could tie ... [the] defendants to the 1988 airliner explosion."


Associated Press. "CIA Asset 'Merlin' Testifies About Mission at CIA Leak Trial." Washington Post, 16 Jan. 2015. []

"Jurors on [16 January 2015] at the leak trial of ex-CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling heard" a Russian emigre and nuclear engineer nicknamed "Merlin" "testify for nearly three hours about his life as a CIA asset and his key role in the classified operation to give deliberately flawed nuclear blueprints to Iran. Prosecutors say Sterling,... who was Merlin's handler in 2000, illegally leaked details of the operation to New York Times journalist James Risen to get back at the agency for perceived mistreatment. Sterling denies that he leaked anything to Risen."


Associated Press. "CIA Had No Role in Crack Epidemic, House Probe Concludes." 12 May 2000, A29. []

A HPSCI report issued on 11 May 2000 says that the CIA "did not play a role in bringing crack cocaine into the Los Angeles area in the 1980s."

[CIA/90s/97-00/Crack; CIA/00s/00/Gen]

Associated Press. "CIA Honors Free Thai Veterans." 10 Jul. 2000. []

In a ceremony at a Bangkok hotel on 9 July 2000, the CIA "honored 42 members of the underground 'Free Thai' resistance movement that fought with Allied forces against Japanese occupiers during World War II.... The Seri Thai worked alongside the forerunner of the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services."


Associated Press. "CIA Knew of Honduran Abuses in '80s." 24 Oct. 1998, A21. [http://www.]

CIA Inspector General (IG) Frederick Hitz's report, dated 27 August 1997, on CIA activities in and reporting on events in Honduras in the 1980s "discovered that field dispatches and agency reports to Congress played down the abuses and sometimes contained inaccurate information. But the inspector found no evidence to support allegations that CIA officials were present at Honduran torture sessions.... [T]he report states that the CIA knew of human rights abuses by Honduras's military but was inconsistent about reporting the abuses to U.S. lawmakers. The highly charged political context, including the ... administration's support of anti-communist efforts by Latin American countries and ... pressure in Congress on human rights abuses, influenced intelligence reporting, the report said."

Excerpts of the report are available at:


Associated Press. "CIA Ramps Up Cooperation with Jordan Amid Islamic State Attack Fears." 9 Sep. 2014. []

"The U.S. is stepping up its intelligence cooperation with Jordan,... concerned that the Arab country could be vulnerable to the Islamic State militant group." According to two former agency officials, "[t]he CIA has approached" Robert Richer, "a retired former agency official with close ties to King Abdullah II[,] about setting up a special task force to help Jordan deal with the threat from the Islamic State group."

[CIA/10s/14; OtherCountries/Jordan; Terrorism/10s/14]

Associated Press. "CIA: Vaccination Programs Won't Be Used as Cover." Washington Post, 20 May 2014. []

"Lisa Monaco, President Barack Obama's top counterterrorism adviser, wrote to the deans of 13 prominent public health schools last week, saying the CIA has agreed it would no longer use vaccination programs or workers for intelligence purposes. The agency also agreed to not use genetic materials obtained through such programs."


Associated Press. "CIA Winds Down Drone Strike Program in Pakistan." Washington Post, 29 May 2014. []

"Because of stricter rules, diplomatic sensitivities and the changing nature of the al-Qaida threat, there hasn't been a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan's tribal areas since Christmas. And American officials say opportunities for drone attacks will dwindle further as the CIA and the military draw down in neighboring Afghanistan, reducing their intelligence-gathering footprint.... Armed U.S. drones are still flying over Pakistan's tribal areas, and CIA targeting officers are still nominating militants to the kill list, according to U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity."


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