Ali - All

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From publisher: "The book examines elite-insecurity perceptions in India, Pakistan and the USA in the 1950s, the consequent linkages in alliance-building efforts, and subsequent triangular covert collaboration against Communist China."


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Lucas, I&NS 12.3, calls this a "closely argued and well-documented study." The author avoids "the trap of arguing that the US unconditionally opposed Arab nationalism." The reviewer also notes that Alin is evaluating U.S. diplomatic and conventional military responses to events in the Lebanon and throughout the Middle East," rather than focusing on intelligence and covert action issues.

[CA/ME/Lebanon; GenPostwar/50s]

Aline [Griffiths], Countess of Romanones

Aline [Griffiths], Countess of Romanones, has published a series of spy fact/fiction books, perhaps partially and loosely based (particularly for those where the action occurs in the wartime and earlier post-war years) on personal exploits. The author's links with OSS during World War II seem to be widely accepted as fact. These books are not listed elsewhere in this bibliography, because this compiler/editor finds it impossible to place them among the nonfiction works (as bizarre as some of those may be) otherwise presented. The books are listed below in order of publication.

The Spy Wore Red. New York: Random House, 1987. New York: Jove, 1990. [pb]

The Spy Went Dancing: My Further Adventures as an Undercover Agent. New York: Putnam, 1990. The Spy Went Dancing. New York: Jove, 1991. [pb]

The Spy Wore Silk. New York: Jove Books, 1992. [pb]

The Well-Mannered Spy. New York: Jove Books, 1994. [pb]

Al-Khalidi, Suleiman. "Jordan Sentences Ex-Spy Chief to 13 Yrs Jail Over Graft." Reuters, 11 Nov. 2012. []

Retired General Mohammad al-Dahabi, who ran the country's intelligence agency from 2005 to 2009, "was sentenced to 13 years in prison" on 11 November 2012. He had been "found guilty of money laundering, embezzlement and abuse of power, and was ordered to return $30 million."


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Allard, Kenneth. "Information Operations in Bosnia: A Preliminary Assessment." American Intelligence Journal 17, no. 3/4 (1997): 55-58.

"While its effects are often overstated, an unprecedented amount of information flows from Washington to European headquarters and intermediate staging bases.... But elaborate information flows between higher command levels do not always translate into better support for the warfighter. In fact, life in Bosnia has not changed very much for the American soldier, because the information revolution largely stops at Division level."

[MI/Ops/Other; MI/Warfighter]

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Cohen, FA 75.4 (Jul.-Aug. 1995), says that this work "is a distillation of the military's official lessons and hence falls back on true but trite observations: an effective public information program is critical to the success of any operation, mission execution is more difficult without trained and well-organized staffs, and the like."


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Clark comment: Rupert Allason is the better-known "Nigel West" writing, in this instance, under his own name.


Allen - A-L

Allen - M-Z

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The author is Commanding Officer of the Navy and Marines Intelligence Training Center. NMITC is located at Layton Hall, Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic, Dam Neck, Virginia.


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