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From publisher: "The original essays in Combating Terrorism offer a unique overview and evaluation of the counterterrorism policies of ten countries: the United States, Argentina, Peru, Columbia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Turkey, India, and Japan."


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Cassidy, Parameters 37.2 (Summer 2007), notes that the aim of this book "is to glean best practices in order to arrive at some generalizations about the way ahead on ... efforts to counter terrorism.... The book prescribes policy fixes which are not necessarily epiphanous or timely, but are indeed correct and cogent." It is "a well-written and well-researched contribution." It is also "a relatively easy read."

For Peake, Studies 52.2 (Jun. 2008) and Intelligencer 16.1 (Spring 2008), this work "provides an interesting review of terrorism as experienced by six countries [the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, and Sri Lanka] and viewed by academics, but it presents nothing new and certainly no strategies for the future that have not already been implemented." Tennant, Military Review (Jul.-Aug. 2007), expresses disappointment in the unevenness of the essays included in this work, finding only the chapters on the United States and Germany of any value.


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Kalic, Proceedings 134.5 (May 2008), identifies this work as a "collection of more than 600 documents that detail how America has wrestled with terrorism as a security threat.... While the vast numbers of documents are initially overwhelming, strong introductory chapters assist in outlining their basic tenets."


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I. The Wider Context

II. Terrorism in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

III. Analysis of Terrorism in Other Countries

IV. Other Aspects

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I. Causations of Political Violence

II. Participants in Terrorism

III. The Impact of Terrorism in the Community

IV. Responses to Terrorism

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I. European Terrorism: General Themes

II. National Case Studies

III. Remedies and Responses: National and International

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I. Assassinations, Hijackings, and International Terrorism

II. The Relationship Between Terrorism and Insurgency in Africa

III. South Africa: States, Terrorism, and Resistance

I. Middle East Terrorism: Past Experiences

II. Current and Future Threats: A Regional Overview

III. Radical Palestinian Terrorist Groups

IV. Islamic Fundamentalist Groups

V. Christian Terrorist Groups

VI. Jewish Terrorist Groups

VII. State Sponsors of Terrorism

VIII. Middle East Terrorism Spill-Over into Other Regions

IX. Regional Responses to Middle East Terrorism

X. International Responses to Middle East Terrorism

[OtherCountries/Ireland (Vol. II); Terrorism/90s]

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